Training Topics

Training Topics

Write a Winning Proposal

Want to take on the task of writing your next winning proposal? Our hands-on workshop breaks down proposals into their component parts and gives you the practical tools you’ll need to write stronger proposals. Our workshop translates the how-to’s of grant writing into straight-forward examples and step-by-step exercises that culminate in your preparing a finished proposal narrative. You'll learn to capture your organization's strengths in writing, to formulate objectives with precision, and to plot plans of action that leave nothing to guess about.

Create a Highly Effective Grant-Writing Team

When crafting a proposal, there’s a lot of planning, coordinating, writing, and revising to do. That’s why teams produce better proposals than individuals. Teams offer the advantage of a broader range of vision. They provide multiple viewpoints, pooled talents, buy-in, and shared resources. Learn the do’s and don’ts of collaborating on your next proposal. Explore ways to focus on the job at hand rather than on personalities or differences. With your new skills, your team is sure to have a positive experience and will look forward to working with you again.

Collect the Most Relevant Data for Your Evaluations

Today’s funders place great emphasis on outcomes and insist on measuring for change. This means that you need to build action steps into your proposal for capturing concretely the difference that you make. Measuring for change can range from a simple exit survey to a more complicated…

Understand Foundation and Corporate Grants

What is the difference between a private foundation, a community foundation, and a corporate grant? Which should you go for?

Improve Service Delivery In Your Community

Build Valuable Local Partnerships

Gone are the days when you could simply include letters of support and say to a funder that you would work together with your partners, You now need to spell out in advance what each of you will bring to the table and get letters of commitment. But how do you plan out a relationship in advance?

Find Your Best Funders

Spend Your Grant Dollars Efficiently

This would be the budget workshop.