How We Work

How We Work

Our Pre-Application Process

To avoid wasting valuable time and resources, we use a strict screening process to select proposals that have the highest likelihood of success for your organization. Our extensive knowledge of public and private funding sources and foundation, business, and government protocols gives you an advantage. We cull funding information from more than a dozen funding databases daily to identify funding opportunities that are the best suited to you. Some of the factors include:

  • How the funding priority fits your organization’s and your clients’ needs
  • The grant making history of the funder or funding agency
  • The number of grants to be awarded
  • The politics behind the grant-making initiative
  • Whether you have the program management capacity to administer the grant award.

High Productivity Through Technology

We take the virtual consulting approach to its highest form to increase productivity. Successful proposal planning and writing does not require face-to-face meetings. Using a variety of technology—including e-mail, web and audio conferencing, faxes, and smart phones—we maintain frequent and effective contact with our clients at a distance while avoiding wasted time, redundancy, and dead-end leads.

Detailed Research and Analysis

We know how to find compelling data and use it successfully to argue on your behalf. We collect demographics and evidence-based research to support the need for grant funding in your target areas. We research best practices for program models and other information related to needs, program outcomes, and evaluation to write highly competitive grant applications.

On Time, Every Time

Once we receive information from you, we require three weeks to write a proposal. During that time, we may request further information. We provide you with the opportunity to review all documents in draft form and make one round of changes. Then we deliver you all documents, proofed, edited, and formatted professionally. We also provide you with guidance on preparing proposal requirements, forms and attachments, and on submission procedures. Because of our insistence on professional standards, we only accept last minute, deadline-driven proposal assignments (due in 14 or fewer days) on a case-by-case basis.