Winning Proposals: Insider Advice from Leading Community Foundations

Learn the key elements of a successful proposal so that your project gets funded.

Project Teams: The Secret to Grant Writing Success

Pooling the professional know-how of outside experts and staff members yields considerable benefits in the grant-writing game.

The Hidden Benefits of Proposals

Think the only purpose of writing proposals is obtaining funding? Guess again. Proposal writing has built-in benefits that strengthen your organization as a whole.

Tribal Grant Writing: Special Opportunities and Unique Challenges 

Big picture thinking gives tribes an advantage. Learn the obstacles to tribal proposal writing and the methods for overcoming them.

What to Say to Prospective Funders

Before you submit a proposal, it's important to call the funder. Here are some tips for having a successful conversation.

The Elements of a Good Proposal Abstract

Make your proposal stand out by calling attention to your project's key highlights using this often overlooked section.

Writing a Budget Narrative

Where did you get your budget numbers? Demonstrate clear reasoning behind every expense and show funders that you've really done your homework.

Virtual Consultants: Can They Work For Your Nonprofit?

The advantages to working with grant writing consultants are significant. Find out whether your organization could benefit.

How to Work Effectively With a Virtual Grant Writer

As with any good partnership, clear expectations and responsibilities are the foundation of successful collaboration. 


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